The Ascending Cosmic Pulse
By Shala Mata

November 1, 2006
Ancient Codes of Ascension

Arcturian Code for ReBirth
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The softer energy October offered was a nice interlude to catch our breath and gather perspective. November will gain in momentum what October offered as respite. Over the past few years we have experienced the last two months of the year as being particularly powerful and rife with opportunity.

Each month of the year gains in momentum as the accrual of energy builds. Nearing the end of the year this build of energy helps us master parts of our journey that are requiring attention and creates a bridge to merge into the coming year.

November and December also offer a very unique opportunity to close the year. Each of these months has its own coded trigger that nudges us from deep within our cellular structure.

THE 11:11

November 11th is this special day, the 11:11. Numerically 11 is a double digit and is known as a Master Number. It holds the energy of both the masculine and feminine energies in a balanced form – however many refer to the 11:11 as the feminine aspect and the 12:12 (Dec 12th) the masculine. Either way it holds the energy of renewal, rebirth & beginnings.

The 11:11 is a trigger to access the ancient codes of ascension that were placed deep within our cellular memory before birthing into form. These codes help open our perceptual fields of reality and prepare are senses for the inner and outer expression of 5th Dimensional light.

The 11:11 is a powerful day of meditations, ceremony and open intention to receive and remember the sacred codes of galactic light held within each of us. Our ascension and that of our beloved planet is one of assimilating then transforming into higher frequency and light. All of us who are awake have waited lifetimes for these “now” moments on our planet.

The Earth also has ascension codes deep within her cellular structure. We feel these in a powerful way when we visit sacred sites and power spots on the Earth. I had the great good fortune to visit Sedona and the Grand Canyon in October. The magic of Sedona and the many vortexes is exciting and inspiring, but the magnitude of the Canyon is humbling and leaves you in awe.

I stood on the rim and gazed into millions of years of time, you can feel the ancient timelines pulsing and connecting to the now. You feel the magnetic pull of the Mother, the inward spiral of a vortex so large it is hard to fathom. You feel the codes of the Mother’s ascension in powerful places like this – you feel her consciousness from the deep within the Hollow Earth.

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The Grand Canyon Oct 2006. Taken by Shala Mata ©2006

The energy of November is building to the 11:11 to amplify the trigger so too speak for each of us and for Mother Earth. As we discussed in October the Golden Cosmic light of the Great Central Sun continues to bring higher frequency and vibrational re-patterning to each of us.

As we offer ourselves as vehicles for this light we can act as antenae’s on the 11:11 to connect with the 5D frequencies and then ground them into the Earth. This is a great service to her and for many of us our highest calling. The re-wiring we have discussed over the past months will intensify during November and December and we prepare for 2007.

There will be more physical and emotional symptoms also. Feeling tired, hungry and needing more time alone seems to sum up what many have reported to me. Body pain, sleep disturbances go without saying, many feel disconnected like they are walking between two worlds.

The feeling of disconnection can arise for many different reasons. Our physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies want to be in alignment and have a congruent flow of energy between them. This emulates the 5D future self we are ascending too. Many lightworker’s and starseed’s have been so excited at the prospect of spiritual awakening these past years, that we have somewhat ignored our emotional body. We instead empowered our spirit body with our reclaimed spiritual power and light.

Now we are balancing the needs of the emotional body. Deep wounds or experiences that take tremendous energy to clear, are now coming to the surface. The strong energy of our spirit body can offer backup support. November’s energy is the catalyst offering tremendous support and opportunity along with Mercury’s retrograde and the powerful new and full moons.

As we connect with the ancient ascension codes within us we will find the strength and energy to rise above the conditions in our physical and emotional bodies that require support and healing.

The astrological lineup for November supports beautifully our accessing the 11:11 Galactic codes and our emotional vulnerability.


Mercury the planet of communication went retro-grade Oct 28th and will go direct Nov 17th. This signals a time of inner reflection, bringing things left undone to completion. It is a time that highlight’s ALL manner of relationships and demands honesty and insight within our inner and outer modes of communication.

Nov 5th Full Moon - 4:59 am PST. This full moon prepares the way for the 11:11 doorway and Galactic light download. It focuses a laser beam into our relationships, how we value them, ourselves and the healthy balance that is necessary.

Nov 20th New Moon – 2:19 pm PST. The new moon is always a time new beginnings, planting new seeds. Those seeds are the ones created from the Full Moon two weeks before. What you plant today will be greatly affect the coming month and the deeper growth from the 11:11 download. It is a much needed “reality check”.

The beauty of the 11:11 and the intensified Cosmic Light is that it is Holographic energy. When we connect to the whole of our being (eg our lightbody, where all 4 bodies are in balanced) and affect change in one part (eg our emotional body or physical body) we then affect change in the whole – based on the principles of the hologram.

The energy of November will support our 11:11 code activation and at the same time enhance our ability to anchor that galactic light and energy to the planet. It will encourage deep truthful examination of our relationships with our loved ones, our bodies, our communities and most importantly our beloved planet.

It holds many gifts and opportunity, but it will also be challenging and will require great resolve to stay focused and centered. The polarization upon the planet and the chaos from it can be very distracting – we will need to stay grounded to earth and supporting each other.

As you connect with your galactic codes on the 11:11 remember to offer that amplified energy and light to our beloved mother earth. Be a lightening rod for this energy and know that this then in turn supports her emotional body healing in a kind and nurturing way.

May your month be filled with higher evolutionary processes and deep joy in your hearts.

Love and Deep Blessings,


© Shala Mata 2006

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